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2018 Golf Tournament

The 9th Annual Cathy Zaccari Memorial Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, February 24th, 2018. All proceeds go to fund the Cathy Zaccari Nursing Scholarship setup through the Hillsborough Community College Foundation.

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Cathy Zaccari Memorial Golf Tournament

We hold an annual golf tournament in honor of Cathy Zaccari to raise money for nursing scholarships in partnership with the Hillsborough Community College Foundation. The HCC Foundation awards a variety of scholarships annually funded by private donations.  Our scholarship is specific to the nursing program, and is open for all nursing students to apply to. Foundation scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of HCC Counselors. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, are limited in number and are separate from HCC Institutional scholarships.

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About Cathy

Cathy was a Registered Nurse who worked as a pediatric ER nurse for over 15 years at Brandon Regional Hospital. She started out as an LPN working at Tampa General Hospital, as well as hospitals in the Miami area. Cathy was very passionate about nursing, education, and helping others. She decided after working as an LPN for several years, that it was important for her to go back to school to become an RN. This scholarship is to help those like her that have the passion, commitment and perseverance for nursing and education.

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* Sign up before February 16th to lock in the "early bird" registration discount. Price increases to $75 after this date.

Each player registration includes: golf, range balls, buffet, and team & individual prizes - including best outfit!

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